Saturday, September 24, 2005

regular lovers (garrel, 2005)

Don't have much to say about this film, other than the fact that I began to enter Panic when it began to exceed its listed running time by whole minutes, prompting speculation that "175 mins." was a typographical error and that Garrel's Warholian/Desistfilm-ian portrait of post-'68 malaise was, in fact, 715 mins. Then it ended, and with it, my very real fear.

Points of comparison might include Gus Van Sant's Last Days (junkies hang out and do sex and listen to Velvet Underground, Nico, their own boring opinions, etc.), Béla Tarr (oblique and dreamlike b&w depiction of the May '68 riots), and Peter Watkins (the you-are-there feeling in same depiction; also François's dream about participating in the French Revolution).

Click here for the review you want to read. (Scroll down to 9/14, it's the 2nd film of the day.)

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