Friday, November 06, 2009

sunshine (boyle, 2007)

Handsomer than the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire by many leagues, yet still, at long last, a disappointment, Boyle and frequent screenwriter Alex Garland, in their best film since Trainspotting, can't just let well enough alone and have a bunch of astronauts try and rescue a dying sun, they have to pick 'em off, one by one with some old-dark-house, Agatha Christie bullshit. And when the treacherous nature of their environment isn't enough, he introduces a villain. To my few readers, of those who've seen Vincenzo Natali's Cube - remember when it was awesome? And then, remember when it started to suck? Yeah. Thankfully, Boyle and Garland don't go so far as to have a good guy turn heel, but the actual development is, if anything, more lame.

Must say, though, the visuals are on point from start to finish.

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