Sunday, February 07, 2010

where i've been of late

I was alarmed (and flattered) that I've recently been added to the 'blog directory' of two writers I like a lot: Zach Campbell and Dave Kehr. Under the presumption, then, that folks are going from their sites to mine, I decided a few words of intro were in order. Following the New Year, I've spent most of my time - that is to say, time not spent at work or sleeping, which is very little time indeed - emitting personal opinions and close readings and stray remarks and whatnot via a handful of outlets. While Out, Damned Spot! was intended to be, and should remain, my number one outlet for movie reviews, I don't always write movie reviews, so what I say elsewhere is appropriate for those spaces. If you're of a mind to track the things I say (and thank you!), please do so at:
  1. Facebook - it's a social network, so I use it for socializing and networking, on personal and professional levels.
  2. Twitter - Whenever I don't have much to say (which is often) but I want to say it, anyhow.
  3. Unexamined Essentials - my 800-lb baby of 2010. Through the end of this year, you can expect it'll just be a list of must-see films (omitting the obvious "greats"), but after we turn the corner on 2011, I will begin posting woooords as well. So stay tuned for that.
That's pretty much it.

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