Monday, October 05, 2009

the defect (feuillade, 1911), cont'd

Resuming 21 minutes in. No chapters for this 41 minute film, so fastforward is only option to get to where I left off, i.e. waiting for the heroine's defect to reappear and mess up her nice life. (It bears observing that her sordid past is expressed visually by her acts of waiting tables, bussing tables, and being flirty with male patrons. SCANDAL!) Had to stop to admire the overhead train transition shot.

24:41…aaaand here we go.

29:29…Calm and menace. Images prefigure Les Vampires; Ann…a good Irma Vep?

31:33…this meeting of society's elite investors seems to be going great, what could go wrong?

31:50…a mysterious letter!

33:13…"So, ladies and gentlemen, I trust you've had a chance to review...say, why so glum?"

33:31…"It's not you, whore, it's us. You understand. I'm sure you'll land on your back--er, your feet."

35:51…these people, clearly not fans of music and revelry. Half-hoping this movie will end like Animal House or School of Rock, something.

36:03…holy moley,that one lady is really getting into this, a la Marcia Gay Harden in The Mist. Counted at least three Christ-figure poses since Ann's forced outing.

37:02…nice trick-wall shot, beatifully executed but also the whole scene employs it well. Trick or no trick, the most graceful shot in the film.

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