Sunday, October 18, 2009

the hangover (phillips, 2009)

I know I'm the only person in the Northeast who wasn't blown away by this, and that includes my better half, who was in stitches, but to my mind, the only show here is Ed Helms. The director made a much funnier film, with a wider, gamer cast, and (yeah, I'm going to say this) a tougher nerve, ten years ago: Road Trip. No masterpiece, that, but its loose, unpracticed structure was more 1941 (that's a compliment) than Very Bad Things.

Helms, not exactly playing a HUGE variation on his Andy Bernard character on NBC's The Office, is given the first, least belabored, and therefore the funniest portion of the Taser bit, a silly, Pythonesque song, and a deftly delivered line that sweeps all Sin City misdeeds under the rug of a MapQuest snafu. Well played, sir.

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