Saturday, December 12, 2009

discussions of note

It seems to have subsided (the last post was three days ago), but it remains worth being re-broadcast: from Dave Kehr's blog, a discussion which began with a review of a DVD release ("The Jerry Lewis Show," c. 1967) and proceeded - as Kehr roundtables are apt to do - to cover a wider, more freewheeling range of subjects, eventually touching upon digital cinema. David Fincher and Michael Mann, among my favorite presently employed American filmmakers, are the hubs of the wheels, but the vehicle seems to travel everywhere. Kent Jones, a writer whose comments I always enjoy, even when I don't agree with isolated opinions, the highly cine-literate Adrian Martin (of Rouge), lovable curmudgeon Jean-Pierre Coursodon, and others, make this one of the site's best reads.

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