Sunday, December 13, 2009

tv highlights of the '00s: firefly and dollhouse

Going back a few years, Joss Whedon had all the earmarks of a writer-producer leading a charmed life: Buffy ran for six seasons and Angel ran for an alarming five. This doesn't exactly indicate someone who's been touched by God, but in TV land that's batting close to a thousand. The new millennium saw the disappointing cancellation of Firefly (lasting half a fall season before blowing up on syndication and home video) and Dollhouse (which lasted a charitable two seasons and fulfills its obligations in early 2010) and, while it's safe to say that everyone who's summited a few peaks in television has more than likely also hit a few valleys, I wouldn't like to send Whedon over to the job placement agency just yet. If there are enough people like me, who'll render unto him a large account of that priceless currency called good faith and goodwill, all we really need to do is hope that he spends it wisely.

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