Saturday, December 05, 2009

turner classic movies

I hope TCM keeps going forever. The same essential matrix of film choices, without compromise.

At my hotel this week - away on training, company dime - I put on TCM and let it run. That and Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network. (Family Guy and Robot Chicken are my favorite pieces of violent, random, misanthropic surrealism.)

Anyway, highlight of TCM:

about 30 minutes from what appeared to be the final reels of Kid Galahad (Curtiz, 1937); some terrific, fluid filmmaking, especially in the boxing ring

And lowlight:

for about the same amount of time: The Adventures of Marco Polo (Mayo, 1939)... perhaps the very, very worst film from Hollywood's classic period, that features a major Hollywood star (Gary Cooper). Not just incompetent, not just ridiculously racist, but also as boringly shot and cut as the other justly forgotten films of the period; as a friend once said, it must be seen to be believed, or better yet, don't!

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